5 Easy Steps To Maintain Good Health.

With good health, one can be able to think clearly and workout how to generate wealth but when one is unhealthy, it will definitely be impossible to generate wealth thus the saying “Health is Wealth” and thats why its very important to take good care of one’s health.

Whilst its easy and cheap to maintain good health, it might be difficult and expensive to regain it back if neglected and lost. Below are simple steps for maintainning Good Health

  • 1. Well Cooked Food => Little did people know that uncooked or half-cooked Food is not good for the body. According to research, it was revealed that every uncooked raw food came with micro-organisms [most that are harmful]. Washing and Thorough cooking in the right temperature destroys these harmful organisms. i.e the more you allow the food to become cooked, the less the food will become harmful.
    NOTE=> that doesn’t means you should allow the food to get burnt as overcooking it might also decrease its nutrient percentage or efficiency[Cook in the right temperature].
  • 2. Intake of Fruits => Fruits are also a great way of taking care of the body system. When good fruits like banana, apple, orange, pawpaw are being taken, vitamin and other other nutrient from the fruits enter the body and helps in nourishing them.
    NOTE=> Watch and Wash before you EAT them.
  • 3. Exercising => Doing any form of an exercise like biking, football, jogging, walking, push-up e.t.c also helps in regulating the body system and making the physical body younger, attractive and stronger. It do helps in removing waste product from the body in form of SWEAT.
    Note=> avoid exercise that can be harmful to your body and do not overdo it.
  • 4. EAT WELL=> Eating well doesn’t means consuming a lot of foods or taking more than 20 meals in a day [Oh No!]. It simply means eating the right food at the right time in the right proportion. By balancing your diet, your body would be able to get energy to start any activity and also to repair ‘n’ repaid the neccessary cells and tissues in your body.

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