How You See Yourself Or How People See You?

Sometimes if not often, you might have asked yourselve that “does how i see myself matter or what people think of me?

The truth is; the fact remains the same and unchanged that you’re Yourself, not any or another person’s self. Am not saying when you’re doing wrong or unlawful things, you shouldn’t take heed to the good advice people say. Of course people can be right “sometimes” but not “all the times.” am talking about better things you’re thinking of starting.
Taking for Example; When you’re creating an Invention or starting up an idea and then you introduce it to someone to ask of his/her opinion hoping for words of advice and encouragement but instead the person discourage you with no proper or suitable reason!
Then the next thing, you allow the person’s comment to enter your powerful mind and give Up even when you knew what you’re about to start will be of benefits to you and other people! Absolutely you suppose not to!.
Your destiny and Success is in your hand and not in other’s people hand. When Mark Zuckerberg started facebook, some of his colleagues discouraged him but he kept on believing in himself that he will surely make it and finally he did!. Facebook is one of or let me say the biggest social networking website in the whole world! Isn’t that amazing?
There was even one of my favourite Indian movie of mine, 3 idiots, Joy Lobo was trying to make a Mini-Helicopter. (which can fly and also be used to capture video in its motion) The invention was given to him as a project and has a deadline for submission and just when he was about to finished it, the School Manager discouraged him by telling him the deadline had reached and he(Joy Lobo) gave up! In which the invention was later completed by another person.
Before i end this post, the pic used in this post means We see the animal as a small cat(a low animal), but the animal believe in himself that he is like a mighty Lion( which can do something big and better).
Believe in yourself too,if people sees you as a failure,goto the mirror, look yourself and point to your image that “am a Winner” if you can do this,you have already won even before you start!

Stay Blessed.
[Image Courtesy: Unknown]
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