Can Distance Really Alter Love Intensity?

Love is a great thing as it makes you feel better and special. Unlike what people think, it is something more of a feeling that usually overwhelm those whom it finds worthy. Worthiness in this case doesn’t always mean affluence, position, beauty/handsomeness or others as Love has its own way of checking people’s value and choosing them. Thats why in reality, there are cases of someone from an high position falling in love with someone from a low background likewise in movies – taking Titanic for example (though i only heard ‘n’ read about it; haven’t yet watched the movie, but hope to do one day;) The advantages of love goes a long way so much that a quote from an unknown souce says

” You’ll find out that
the moment you have lived the most
are those moments you
did things with love” <3

But today i ain’t opening a topic on Love itself but ’bout one of the circumstance connecting with it which is Distance. Distance might be an unexpected or unavoidable thing that happen sometimes among fiances ‘n’ fiancee, married couples, lovers, and co. This makes either or both of them might want to worry about it and thus brings out the question that Can Distance Really Alter a Relationship?

distance in love

Of course distance can alter a Relationship. The alteration depends on how great the bond between the lovers is. If two hearts are loyal to each other, distance doesnt matter but in a case where there is no trust, it might diminish the intensity of the love. This is why another quote says:

Absence dimishes small loves and increases great ones; just like the great wind blows up the bonfire and blows out the little one.

However its still advisable for couples to try to overcome the obstacle of distance as often as you can by both planning and scheduling an appropriate time to visit and spend with each other, this will go a long way in improving the affection and bond between you.

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