How To Know if You Are Ready for Marriage.

Marriage simply means the joining together of a man and a woman to become husband and wife. However as far as giving birth is concerned, marriage is a vital phase in human life cycle.


But in a case where a 14yr old girl is insisting that she want to go for marriage? Well actually there might be her reason (personal or whatever) for taking this drastic step but to me, No enough reason ought to make that age enter marriage.

I mean her womb might not be ready to accept pregnancy and worse yet she might not be matured enough to handle marital life. In this post are some hints which i believe is enough to decide whether a Male/Female iseady for Marriage or Not.


  1. Physiological Fitness: This means male and female should be physically old enough to handle responsiblities of marriage. This includes for the female’s womb to be ready to be mature enough to accept baby.
  2. Psycological Fitness: The to-be couple must be * mature * enough in order to be able to understand and tolerate each other. I remembered a movie i watched some months ago, both couple were in 200 level when they married each other. Due to their low level of maturity, a minor fight occured and out of rage, the husband kicked the wife at her stomach which leads to the pregnancy miscarriage. Marriage is all about the ability to handle pressure and to peacefully solve it without involving violence.
  3. Financially Fitness: This seems to be one of the major factor. How can a man that hardly eat 3 meals a day venture into marriage. Except for some personal issues, this might cause a constant fight between the couple when they had little or no Money. Before Marriage, The husband must be financially able to bear the responsibilites of the home.

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