Procrastination – A Stumbling Block To Achievement and How To Beat It

I do not need to be a Mind Reader before guessing right that you have a feat ahead of you in which you wish to accomplish, after all we all do. But the ugly part of the desire feat is; there are sure going to be some Negative factors that would wants to hinder one from achieving the feat, in which one of them is PROCRASTINATION!
      The 17 letters word might looks innocent and enticing but when handle with a mere hand, it can complicate things or worse make ’em impossible to get done.



According to the digital dictionary here with me, Procrastination simply means to delay or put off-something
Although No-one is perfect and if you just detect you do procrastinate, do not feel too bad cos am also guilty of this thing too like i can’t remember how many months [i think its up to a year self] that I’ve been procrastinating to watch the TITANIC MOVIE and up till now i haven’t yet watch it.


How You Can Beat and Overcome Procrastination

A quote once said “The best time to do something was the time you didn’t do it, and the second best time is now.”
In one word; Never put off what you need to do at the moment till another time for an unnecessary reasons, DO IT RIGHT NOW!.

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