My WEIRD but Funny Blogging CONVOS Of The Year 2015

My stomach can’t contain it alone so i feel like sharing with you, some of the WEIRD but HILARIOUS conversation i had with some people regarding blogging.


Am not sure maybe more of those ‘kind question’ are still on the way but make i still leave the TITLE – MY WEIRD BLOGGING CONVO OF THE YEAR 2015 – at least for now. Below are two of ’em.

  • No #1 – Weird Blogging Convo

Me: Good day Mr Y, so how about what we discussed the other time?
Mr Y: Oh you mean that my Blog-Building Things?
Me: Yeah of course
Mr Y: Actually i have understand fully the advantages, and when am ’bout to start. I’ll let you know
Me: Alright. Or am wondering if i can show you a Demo using my blog?
Mr Y: Tunde, you want to Chop My Money Abi?
Me: Why?
Mr Y: Because if i visit your website, my MB will be sent to your Bank account!
LOL. Had it been that was how money is generated online, i can’t imagine how FAT my bank account would have been by now:)

  • No #2 – WEIRD Blogging Convo

Mr Z: Tunde, Which University did 2face graduate from?
Me: I don’t know oh.
Mr Z: Does Your blog didn’t have the answer?
Me: My blog contains only the Information i PUTS there and Not ALL Information.
Mr Z: Chai… Yuh better upgrade your blog oh
Me: [soliloquizing] Which time a blog turns to Google?
Seriously if its possible to Upgrade a blog to answer ALL QUESTIONS, Don’t you think its going to be a serious competition of Cats and Dog Race with Mr Google?

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