How To Keep Going When You Can’t Go On Anymore

According to google e-dictionary, the meaning of keep going is to make an effort to live normally when in a difficult situation.


To be able to understand this post, i would be breaking them into interesting sub-topic.
 Now lets get started!

For Example
#1 – The world seem as if you’re alone and the only one facing challenges. But despite that, you still keep on pushing harder, hoping things would soon turn out for good.

#2 – After several times of battling the negativity yet without winning…

#3 … several years of unsuccessful attempts,

#4 – you then stopped pushing and say…
#5 – “…. i can’t go on anymore”

Now Back to Reality

Do you think either of the numbered example from #1 – #5 somehow relates to you?

If it doesn’t (or you’re being untrue to yourself), am not ashamed to say i belong to No #3.

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However i almost but did not say No #5 (yet). So for those out there whom have been through a lot and have been deciding on as to stop moving, i have a sms (short.motivating.story) for you to cheer you up.

 The S.M.S
After coming up the fourth time to discuss the same issue with the rich man, Dauda entered carefully back again into the well to start digging for water.
He had been digging for several minutes and yet no sign of water. The fourth time he came up from the well, the below convo ensued;

”Sir, i don’t think there is water in this part of the land”. Dauda had said to the rich man who hired him.

”maybe you should try again before giving up cos I would be very glad if you’re able to discover water from this exact well.” the rich man replied him

Feeling determined to make the man happy and also earn for himself, he continued digging and this time with
more efforts.
When there was till not a single sign of incoming water, Dauda decided to give up and begins to climb from deep down, up to the surface.

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After reaching almost halfway, he thought about his earlier plan on making the rich man glad and earning for himself. Dauda then decided to take one more step before he gave up.

Instantly he began to climbed down to where he had stopped so as to resume work and on Reaching down, he brought out his digging tool, lift it up and struck the soil!

Immediately water starts gushing out!

“Eureka! so I’ve reached the rock in where the water lies and all that remains was just a ‘one more step’! Dauda said to himself

End of the S.M.S 

I have little words to add as the above story tells it all itself!
What if the main character of the story decided not to try *one more time*?
So whenever you feel down and think of quitting, remember it might just be *one extra step* needed to achieve your aim.
This made me to remember a motivating sentence from one of the novel I’ve read in my past, it says thus;
“when you can’t go on anymore,
“when you’ve given up completely,
“remember my voice..
“Remember just one thing..

So dear reader, How you can keep going when you can’t go on anymore is to remember two things from This Post and that is;
#1 – The story of Dauda

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  1. Thanks ma'am for the soothing words. Few people are ready to save the world because only fewer people are motivating those who wanted todo so.
    Its been a while, i hope everything is good?

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