Nigerian Vegetables and Their Benefits

Recently i was to do a little research about Vegetables for a formal purpose. After digging up the pieces of information that i needed, i was fascinated at the discovery and i thought some of the info would come handy for me and my readers too so i decides to post them here(not the exact way i did for that formal purpose though).


The information i wanted to share includes the English names of some Nigerian Vegetables and the popular names lots of people knew them of.
Also, before i bring this post to an end, i will try to mention benefits of the vegetables.
Without much further ado, lets CUT the CAKE of this POST;)

Nigerian Leaf Vegetables are plants that are grown for food that is; can be cooked for eating although some can be used for other purposes (which will be explained later on this post).
There are lots and different species of vegetable in Nigeria so much that its almost impossible for someone in the country to know them all. However there are some, that are very common so much that people are familiar with them.
Some of the common leaf vegetables in Nigeria are;

  • Bitter Leaf
    Yoruba Name – Ewuro
  • African Spinach
    Yoruba Name – Efo Tete
  • Lagos Spinach
    Yoruba Name – Efo Shoko
  • Water Leaves
    Yoruba Name – Gbure
  • Scent Leaf
    Yoruba Name – Efinrin

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Having known some of these vegetables, lets take a look into the benefits of leaf vegetables which are mentioned below;

  1. Generally, Vegetables when consumed is said to help in lowering the risk of some diseases in human body.
  2. Based on Research, Leaf Vegetables does not contain unhealthy fats and this makes it safe to consume.
  3. Locally, it can be used for medicinal purposes taking the SCENT LEAF known as EFINRIN for example.
    The Scent Leaf by following some certain procedure (which the yorubas usually do) can help in curing malaria.
  4. Vegetables is also said to naturally helps in improving eyesight and vision.
    I knew only of a spice called locust beans (IRU), never had the slightest idea that vegetables can also helps in improvising eyesight.

Although i don’t usually eat vegetables despite that my mom loved it so much;) but with the above benefits i just discover, i think i will try to include it in my diet cos health is wealth.

Do you like vegetables / is there another vegetable you knew that were not mentioned in this post, let me know your thought by revealing them in the comment box?

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