Dislike Something About Your Partner? Then Read This

Is there something you dislike about your partner, if slightly yes, i believe this post would be able to be of help.


Post Intermission – (Do You Think Distance Can Alter Love Intensity?)

On this post are 2 ways i think people can solve dislikeness about their partner; oya lets start

  1. Communicate To Resolve – If you’re in a relationship, communication is a very important thing. Meanwhile it doesn’t always have to be the man neither the woman but BOTH PARTY in which this depends on the situation of things on ground.
    Through form of communication, partners would be able to solve issue and talk out what they don’t like about themselves thereby settling it amicably.
  2. (He’s Not Shy, 2 Reasons A Man Won’t Say How He Feels)

  3. Accepting Your Partner’s Ugly Side – You might have discovered things about your spouse that you dislike but learn to work around them because expecting perfection from anyone is UNREALISTIC (i can’t really remember where i draw this quote from).
    By using method #1 mentioned above, you can resolve some things but sometimes it might not change things! That doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong but it implies we humans are imperfect and that is why partners should learn to love each other with their imperfections.

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