3 Positive Things and Tools About Life

Sometimes when a man is let down by what he never thought of, things around him or life itself might seems NEGATIVE:/
But yet, there are also some things that has the potential to turn that NEGATIVITY into POSITIVITY in which am going to share 3 of those things right here on this blog (thanks to my not being selfish *winks*)


Before i go on to reveal the list, you might be interested in reading my previous post on motivation titled How To Keep Going When You Can’t Go On Anymore.
Done that? Now continue reading to find out those 3 POSITIVE THINGS IN LIFE.

  1. FAITH, which make all things possible – According to an official dictionary here, it states that FAITH is the reliance and belief in religious doctrine. If you think that definition sounds way too complicated, let me use my unofficial dictionary 😉 which simply says FAITH is believing in the Almighty God.
    I have had my own ups and downs which left a remarkable footprint in my heart BUT i dealt with those things likewise still dealing with some, using FAITH and it do works! So anytime you feel like something’s wrong, simply use Positivity Tool #1 which is FAITH and talk to God about it:)
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  3. HOPE, which makes all things work – Hope is desiring things that you do not currently have and is a good positivity tool.
    Whatever it is you want as at now, Hope for it (and work towards it too)!
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  5. LOVE, which makes all things beautiful; ”In my yester-years, someone once wonder how i survive for months in a place he could hardly survive for days:/ BUT THE THING is; (whenever) i thought of my loved ones, the UGLY stuff around me would turn to beautiful and i would feel a new rush of energy which MAKES me to become super-immune to the condition”.
    You too can use love to manipulate negativity into positivity!

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Before i rest my e-pen, i believe these abstract positive tools will be useful to repair and fix whatever negative situation someone, somewhere is facing now at a corner in Planet EARTH or another Planet (if its possible to read my blog from another Planet;)
By the way, its a bright day from my city here, and i hope it is too over there in your place?

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  1. When you have faith, you will surely remain hopeful, no matter how hard and tough things seem to be. It takes a hopeful man to keep trying, in-spite of no success recorded.

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