What Sleeping Late Can Cause (Health Effects)

Sleep is a very important natural phenomenon which is very necessary for life as it is the main factor in recovery of fatigue and also helps from the wear and tear of body’s activities during wakeful hours.
Yet, despite the importance of sleep, some people still had the issue of sleeping late which can also be termed as sleep deprivation. Hence, i wish to talk about it on this post likewise the effects of sleep deprivation.


During daytime which is a typical wakeful hours, humans engage in different activities which puts the body’s system in action. Like a student reading for his exams is said to be making use of mostly his mental energy whilst a labourer his physical energy, and a Cyclist/Pedestrian his locomotive energye.t.c
After performing these and other activities for a certain period of time, it is very important to REST so that one’s body may fall into a completely relaxed state in preparation for another’s day.

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However due to personal, work or emotional reasons, some certain people tends to sleep late, or even deprive themselves of sleep in which this can have deleterious effects on health.
=> For example, a student who have an upcoming exam might want to sacrifice his/her sleeping hours (that is; the time he suppose to be sleeping) for reading.

While the idea of performing activities through the night and sleeping hours might be beneficial, there are still some adverse effects attached to it if it becomes an habit.
Below are some of them;

The Physical and Brain Health Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

  1. Fatigue – According to an unconfirmed fact, the recommended sleeping duration for adults ought to be around 7-8hours.
    But in a case for someone who slept late and manage to sleep for 4hours, there are high chances that he/she might woke up feeling fatigue.
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  3. Mental Power – During REST that is; sleeping time, the body system feels relaxed and refreshed thus making them to be able to prepare for another day likewise the mental power.
    But if someone is depriving himself of adequate sleep, its likely possible the Mental Power might not be re-energized enough.
  4. Eye-Swollen – If one stays awake for a very long time and even late through the night, it might cause the eye to be swollen or other causes like; red eye or eye itching.

Above are the adverse effects of sleep deprivation. Never forget to eat well, rest well and sleep well because HEALTH IS WEALTH!
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