What Children Need From Their Parents

According to formal definition, a Family is said to be a group of people closely-related that are living together. It mainly consists of the father, mother and their children.
Each individual in this essential group called family has their own specific task but on this post, i would be placing myself in the position of a Child, and express in my own view about what PARENTS should do for their children.


Before anything else, i wanted to take this moment to appreciate all Caring Parents out there who are trying their possible best to provide support for their children. I just want you to know that your efforts are appreciated regardless of whether you’re being told or not.
However for the fact that Nobody is perfect, its likely possible that despite that parents are trying their best to bring up the younger ones, they might still be missing out some important parts of parental care.
Below, i’ll be talking about what children need from their parents.

What Parents Should Do For Their Child/ren

  1. Education – Most people thought the word ‘education’ ONLY applies to formal education which is done by a teacher in school, but its not. I think Religious, Moral and Self are also a branch of the tree called education.

    => Religious education would taught the child on how to have faith in the Supreme being, God, which is very important likewise handy in times of abundance and wants.
    => Moral Education guides the child todo the right thing and shun the wrong ones.
    => Self Education (although is usually taught and learned by the child himself) helps in discovering oneself, strength, talents, weakness, e.t.c

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  3. Integration into the larger society – When a child is at infancy, he is surrounded by smaller group which consists of mostly his friends (you can check the First Chapter Of My First Love Story to see sample of the smaller group). As the child grew older, the circle gradually changes in which this depends on his personality and career.
    However at a certain stage in life, the child needs to be integrated into the LARGER SOCIETY. And due to the complexity unlike his infancy group, the child might have to need guidance. This is where the parents’ help is needed.
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  • Provision of Love – Being a parent doesn’t mean giving monetary assistance all the time, its also about providing love and affection.
    When you do this for your child, it would help him/her to minimise tension and frustration.
  • Protection From Danger – Security matters a lot and parents should try to protect their children from not only danger but also bad companies.
    This made the children have firm believe in them and also feel secured especially whenever they heard or sense danger.
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  • Providing Support – Do you see your child having interest in a particular field or being talented in an area? As long as its something good, try to offer SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT.
    A case example is like that of Adele, the popular HELLO STAR whom was supported by her grandmother. When you support your child, he/she might be the next FAMOUS Singer, Writer, Artist, Technologist, Actress or whatever field he have interest in.
  • Above are the important things i think Parents should try to do for their children. Share this post and also feel free to add your opinion using the comment box below

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