3 Ways An Anime Film Can Influence LifeStyle Positively

There are lots of things that can influence one’s lifestyle but on this post, am going to talk about one of my hobbies (according to No #3 Facts About Me Here) which is Animation Films!


Animation also known as Cartoon can be in form of VIDEO CLIPS [in movie or tv series] or in form of PICTURE [like the Manga Magazine] and right here, am going to share below how they can be of positive influence to one’s lifestyle!

How Animation Can Improve One’s LifeStyle Positively

  1. Teaching Morals, Value & Good Character: The opinion most people held about Animation is that its FOR FUN and made FOR KIDS whereas its not JUST that. The truth is that Anime is NEITHER for fun NOR for Kids Only! Animation in similar to normal movie helps one to learn about good morals and friendliness.

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  2. Form of Entertainment – When things seems to get boring, entertainment is one of the powerful tools that can be used to kill boredom. It could be listening to music or watching interesting movie. Here is why Animation Cartoon can also comes in.
    Are you wondering if an Animation can really be entertainning? I wish I could explain further but i would advise you go watch Kungfu Panda, Legend of Awesomeness! Surely a trial will convince you *winks*
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  4. Acquiring KnowledgeJimmy Neutron an Anime Show is mostly all about Science while Kungfu Panda and Avatar talks about chi, and interesting topics. These anime shows help in passing knowledge which depends on the theme their story is build on.

These are the 3 ways i think animation known as anime can influence one’s lifestyle positively. Before i rest my pen, did you know that (ANIME HAD A GREAT INFLUENCE IN JAPANESE AND AMERICAN CULTURE? –click to tweet this fact-)

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