5 Core Importance of Health and Fitness In Our Lives

There goes a saying which stated thus that “Health is Wealth” and indeed it is true because someone with inadequate health won’t be able to do things that would made him/her to acquire wealth.
Although i was aware of the fact that staying healthy does matter a lot BUT to tell the truth, i wasn’t paying attention to my health status which made me to break down recently (like i ignored the hair stylist and pay the penalty:/).
Having now regainning the lost strength back, my eyes opened to the importance of good health and i thought of sharing it on this blog whenever i had the enough energy todo so.


Due to the reason i stated in my liebster award nomination about who inspire me (check question No #6), i worked myself more than i supposed to, and to worsen it all, i did only rest for a little period.
Not that it was my fault for the too much activity i involved myself which deteriorates my health status though, but i still held myself responsible because i would have avoided those things.

(What Sleeping Late Can Cause [Health Effects])

So dear TWB READERS both NEW (if you just stumbled upon this blog) and LOYAL reader (if you’ve already been a fan), below are the importance of being healthy which i deduced from my recent inactivity.

5 Importance of Good Health And Fitness In Our Life

  1. Ability to Partake In Any Activity – Good Health allows you to go anywhere you want and do whatever you want to do. Whether you wants to goto a wedding ceremony, either a birthday party, social gathering, or any form of recreational activities, GOOD HEALTH is the major Factor that influences as to whether you’ll enjoy it or Not.
  2. You Don’t Get To Use RECOMMENDED Medicines – The sight of those innocent medicine capsules waiting to enter through your mouth to the stomach often make me cringe. I understand that people use them for a good purpose but i don’t know why, am just kind of -should i say allergic- to them.
    When one is healthy, you don’t have to worry about using a RECOMMENDED medicines.
  3. Walk, Run and FLY to Wherever you Want – Never mind the word ‘fly’, seems i’ve exagerrated :/ | But sincerely speaking, when an human is in good health, he/she can choose to WALK and/or RUN for exercising, to a friend’s place e.t.c
    My current situation limited to these freedom and prevents me from re-visiting someone regarding my writing works.
  4. Ability To Spend Quality Time With Your Family – If you’re a father, you can choose to plan a short vacation with your wife and children just to have some good time likewise fun together! You might decides to go for shopping or go see some animals in the Zoo and took pictures. It might also be watching a movie together in the cinema house or a picnic!
    Whichever one you choose, it can all be done when you are in Good Health.
  5. Make Positive Impact – If you’re thinking of sharing knowledge, spreading smiles, helping someone financially or psycologically, being in Good Health is the only way to go. For without it, it would be almost impossible to make a positive impact like we wished for.

Those are the few importance of being in good health and fitness hence it is a MUST we all stay healthy. I’ve also once written steps and easier method to stay healthy, you can go read it at 5 Easier Ways You Can Use To Maintain Good Health.
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