My First Podcast + Important Life Lessons

Did you just read the Post title? I finally did my First Podcast!
    Not that am new to the Podcast of a thing Concept but me doing it especially at this moment, IS A REALLY REALLY LITTLE BIG THING (In Iris West’s Voice as seen in The Flash Movie). In this post, am going to tell you what makes my podcast special and the life lesson you too can learn from what i just did.


Just in-case you’re wondering what’s a Podcast?
    A Podcast is simply a digital audio available on the internet for download which is usually in series. There are different topics in which people usually perform podcast on, like Darren Rowse of Problogger.Net whom usually did his Podcast in form of Blogging Tips.
The podcast i did was all about the latest short-story which is My First Love Story Series although I’ve only done the podcast for that of the Story Intro. (see link at the last paragraph).

What Made My First Podcast Special

  • Let me describe my feelings in 3 steps: – You know that kind of feeling a baby feels when he took his first step after crawling for a long time?    I was excited to take the NEW STEP.

    *. That kind of feeling you get when you had your first mobile phone
        I was Curious.
    *. And the Kind of feeling a mother gets when she had her first child, I felt relief after bearing the thought in my mind for a long time.

Like i earlier said, am already aware of what a Podcast is since a while but i was reluctant (or should i say timid) to try it. Then recently, i decides to take a bold step and JUST DO IT!

What My First Podcast Taught Me

  • BEFORE I DECIDED TO DO IT, I was waiting for THE RIGHT TIME, – A TIME I’d have my PC to make necessary changes on the Podcast, A TIME i would be ready to do the Voice Recording, A TIME that i won’t be faced with any Distraction, but the truth is; Waiting for THAT TIME would be like waiting forever simply because;

    – I can’t predict THE TIME i would get a PC, so why the wait. Why not just Do it Now using the available means!
    – There is no time that i can’t get distracted, i just need to be determined and focus on what i wanted to do.

Life Lessons You Can Learn About Me+My First Podcast 
 ==> Is there something you’d really wish to start but you’re feeling reluctant because of certain reasons like making Mistakes, Not being Good enough, Distractions, etcetera. Well am telling you that, If your reasons are more or less feeble like mine, then you should do it!

==> You might made mistake at first but laugh over it and work towards improving, as time goes on, you’ll soon learn how todo it the right way.

==> As a matter of fact, I did the Podcast using my phone which is an “Amr” format (the lowest quality a sound could have), after which i now did use an online method to increase the quality of the sound which turns it into mp3.

If you listen to voice over on the clip, you would know its my Baby-Steps Podcast *covers face* but i sure did take a leap of faith! As time goes on, i hope to improve.

You too can do it. Remember the one sure way to build your self-confidence is to STOP THINKING and START ACTING! So i dare you to take a bold step and work towards achieving your dream.

Quick Update
The link to the podcast source had been removed but i hope to update it as soon as possible

12 thoughts on “My First Podcast + Important Life Lessons”

  1. Thanks for the kind and motivating words sir | I was actually waiting to get a PC but after a very long time, i decided to stop waiting and act
    I hope to hear of your recent achievements too bro:)

  2. Hey!
    Great job here,your site looks good.
    Just stumbled on your blog and this was the first article I came across
    I make podcasts too with my phone, plenty of work and fun, I'd follow the link to listen to yours now.
    Keep it coming, I should be hanging around here ☺

    1. Sure
      I listened to your podcast, you did a good job.
      Not so long, unlike mine.. Lol
      And as they say, practice sure makes perfect
      My audio is in the menu icon on my homepage that says: "Tired Of Reading?"
      You should be able to download it from there

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