Between being a Caring and An Over-worrying Parent [The Thin Line]

Sometimes a Parent might be doing something which he thought is best for his child in which as a matter of fact, ain’t the best. One of them is what am about to share on this post which is the thin line between a Caring and an Over-worrying Parents.

   Although these two seems pretty much alike so much that one can easily mistook one for the other but they are quite not so, as While one can make your Child become a better Adult, the other might deter him. This is why every Parents must be very careful as regards these two when showing love to their children.

3 Differences Between Caring For Your Children and Over-worrying About Them 


1. Showing vs Thinking : When it comes to actions, a Caring parent would rather Show it while an Over-worrying parent would Think a lot about it instead of Acting.

  Taking for instance; A girl came home from school one day telling her Parents she needed to pay her school fess as soon as possible in which failure to do that would prevent her from partaking in the oncoming examinations. Unluckily, that period seems to be a time the parents of that girl were short of cash.
    In this situation, While a Caring Parents would take action on what to do, to get the “school fees” for her, an Over-worrying Parents is likely to worry a lot about their Predicament and how it is about to affect their beloved child.

2. Doubt vs Confidence : We are all aware of the fact that Training a Child to become a better Adult starts from young age. If so, Are you the type of Parent who plants Confidence in your kid’s heart or is it the seed of Doubt you are sowing in his heart? The interesting part is; You might not even know you are Planting Doubt in his heart as to you, it might seems like you’re protecting your child.

 While a Caring Parent would assure his child to out new things, regardless of success or failure, An Over-worrying Parent wouldn’t want her child to do it for fear of getting hurt or failing at it. Hence, the Caring Parent would instill “Confidence” in the Child for allowing him to try new things while the Over-worrying Parents would be instilling “Self-Doubt” due to Over-caution.

3. Fear vs Free-Will : As a Parent, you shouldn’t allow fear to overwhelm you to the extent that your child feel caged? I ain’t saying you shouldn’t be Vigilant about your children, of course you should as Children needs to be watchful of so they don’t make bad mistakes that’s going to be severe.
  But then, parents shouldn’t let that fear stop them from giving the children free-will when the occasion demands.

Bottom Line: Like i earlier said, there is a thin line between Caring for a Child and Over-worrying about him in which one might easily mistook one from the other but i believe this post had provide a better clarification🙂

2 thoughts on “Between being a Caring and An Over-worrying Parent [The Thin Line]”

  1. Some parents may over-worry but not caring for the kids as they ought while some may be too caring and less worry about their children. The most important thing is for parents to give adequate care to their children, train them in the right manner and let God do the rest. Worry NOT.

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