4 Disadvantages and Difficulties Of Being A Male

The popular saying “It’s a Man’s World” is a quote meant to deduce the fact that men are the ones who have an upper hand in this world. Funny enough, this feeling of superiority got to an extent that some females even wish they were born as a male.😃

            Not that am trying to argue against the fact that Men are favored by Mother Nature in some ways above others though, but the conventional thought that being a man is something so easy, is what am about to share my thoughts on.
So on this post, we’d be looking at the other side of being a Man.

4 Disadvantages and Difficulties of Being A Man

1. Emotions

      Emotions are what make us human. We laugh when something brighten us up, and cry if something sadden us. Now in the case of sadness, despite that crying makes one feel better and can reduces the tension, people believe it is not expected of a male to cry as that will show a sign of weakness. Whereas a female can cry for as long as it provides her comfort.

     The same thing also apply in Relationship in which a male have to bear the burden of sharing out his feelings to the girl he’d like and be ready to face the consequences should in case the other female says NO, or worse- decides to quit the friendship.  

2. On Figuring Things Out

       A man is expected to figure things out on his own whilst it’s not a big deal for a woman to ask for help in figuring things out. For instance; if confusion or trouble looms, and a man went to someone for help, the person might gave him just an hint and told him to figure the rest out by himself adding the fact that after all you’re a man 

     However reverse is the case for a Woman, as people would be willing to help them solve the mystery from the beginning till the end adding the fact that women needs help more better.

3. Higher Responsibilities

        There is no dispute about this that men had higher responsibilities than the opposite sex. I mean the responsibility from parents to siblings, wife, children, relatives and etcetera and this is the major reason why men are willing to take dangerous/hazardous work just to be able to cater for their responsibilities.

    Hence, as a man, we are usually burden with the thought of “how-to” be a responsible fellow and fulfill the needs of our responsibilities.

4. Protector

         Men are meant to be the protector and that is why they are blessed with a strong physique by Mother Nature. In a case whereby a threatening situation or creature is within an area, it is only the men in that area who would be called out to face the situation and protect others. This means they have to risk their well-being for the sake of others.

     The case is also applicable in a family; when a complicated situation arises, it is the man who is expected to find out means to solve the mystery. Although the wife can proffer to help, provided she had a better suggestion, but the burden is mostly upon the man.

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So there you have it, some of the difficulties and disadvantages of being a man! 
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