The Creative Web Design 101 course is a course designed for beginners who are curious to know how the www works, to creating and publishing a beautiful, functional website for personalities and companies.

This course is for people like you – beginners curious to know how the web works and at the same time build a .

  N.B: We have other courses in latter production for intermediate and advanced level, but the CWD 101 is for beginners.

There are different definitions – varying from technical to straightforward defn. However, there’s an article on TuhamWorld CC that cover the Top Website Design FQS. We would recommend you check the article here.

The course is currently Virtual – and this gives you the opportunity to learn it from whichever part of the world you are. CWD 101 has also been broken down into sizable bits so you could learn without getting overhwhelmed 

You will access to the instructor in a closed premium group for students whereby you get to ask questions about the course.

Have any questions, reach out via email to [email protected]


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