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5 Important Benefits of google business listing

Do you have a physical store for your business and wonder Is Google My Business worth it?

In this article, you will find out why Google’s business profile is crucial to your business’s growth and the 5 most important benefits of Google business listing for your business.

Google My Business (GMB for short) is a free business listing and web tool from Google that helps local businesses gain higher visibility by posting their business details, photos, services, maps and etc.

benefits of google my business

This tool makes it easier for buyers and sellers to find themselves online and most importantly, shows the live map and location of a business across Google Search and Maps.

What is Google my Business profile listing

Google my Business allows you to list your business on Google and also provides several tools to manage your listings. Since this service is from Google, a search engine that processes over 3.5 billion searches per day!

Listing your business on Google implies users would be able to find your business, location, services, opening hours, and other important details when they search for your brand online.

Benefits of google my business: Why List Your Business on GMB?

It is not enough to sell your products and services relying only on your physical store in this digital age. According to a reliable source in 2018, almost 40,000 searches are processed by Google in a second which amounts to 3.5 billion searches in a day and 1.2 trillion searches in a year!

This shows how extremely important it is, to list your business on google’s business profile listing. In the subsequent section of this article, you will find more about the benefits of google my business.

Benefits of google my business: Preview of A Business Listed on GMB

To know how your business is going to look like when you list it on Google My Business profile, here is a typical example of how Apple looks like when you search for it on Google.

The above screenshot is what is shown after you search for Apple on Google. On the screenshot, you will find different labels which are to enable you to understand how each of these works. Below are the explanation of each label;

  1. Apple RESULTS: The result is what will be shown when you search for Apple online. These results include Apple’s official website, other important pages from the website, and external worthy resources that talked about Apple.
  2. Google My Business RICH Snippets: On the right-hand side of the screenshot is a snapshot of Apple’s Google my business profile listing. This snippet is what will be shown after you’ve submitted and listed your business on Google.
    The rich snippets in this section show an image of your Apple, Founders, Subsidiaries, contact information, etc.

5 Important Benefits of Google my business listing

The advantages and benefits of google my business are quite numerous. Apart from the visibility that your business will gain, some of the other benefits are;

  • Featured Images of Your Business: People are more attracted to visual elements such as images and videos than text. With Google My Business, you have the option of uploading images of your storefront, logos, product images, videos, and other visual elements.
  • Contact Information: Google My Business makes it easier for prospects to easily get in touch with you by displaying your contact information on your Google my business listing.
  • Opening Hours: Information such as Opening and Closing Hours are shown on your listing thus saving your customers the trouble of having to figure out when your business store does open and close.
  • Map and Live Location: One of the major benefits is the ability to show your business store on Google Maps. With this feature, a customer can easily find out where your business is located with little to no “manual” assistance.
  • Gain higher visibility: With RICH Snippets on Google Business, you get to have higher visibility than when not listed on Google my Business.
Bottom Line

Google my Business is an important free tool that is highly recommended for every business owner to gain visibility on search engines and reach more customers. With this article, I hope you have learned what GMB is all about, why you should list your business on GMB, and the benefits of google business profile.

Have any other questions, suggestions, or other benefits of google my business you think we have left out? Feel free to leave a comment below or contact us here.

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