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WordPress Gutenberg Webinar: Learn How To Use the Wonderful Block Editor In Few Minutes!

WordPress Gutenberg is an awesome new editor for WordPress. The editor was named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented a printing press with movable type more than 500 years ago. In this upcoming WordPress Gutenberg webinar, you will be able to learn how to use the WordPress Block Editor to your taste.

What is WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor?

 Gutenberg is a whole new way to use WordPress Editor for writing on your website/blog. The goal according to WordPress is to make writing easier, especially for those just starting with WordPress.

Initially i personally dislike the use of the WordPress Gutenberg block editor because it was so complicated. I even wrote an article on how to disable Gutenberg and use the normal old Classic Editor for your WordPress website on NetSocialBlog.

However one fateful day, i decided to give it a try and to be candid – it was really awesome 🙂

Why You Should Learn To Use WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor

Gutenberg comes with a wide variety of tools which makes it easier to build a beautiful page for your site/blog. Apart from making your writing lots more interesting; there are also some cool features that which you can use to insert elements inside your article.

Checkout a screenshot of some of the tools below;

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How To Join the WordPress Gutenberg Webinar

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