As at this moment, below are the services i offer





  • Blog Design/Redesigning – Would you want to get a beautiful, responsive and appealing look for your blog? If yes, i can do it for you. Some of my works (though not limited) are; This blog and NetSocialBlog. If you want a different colors for your blog design, or other features, just mention and i’ll include it in the memo.
  • Custom Domain Registration – Want to get a .Com for your blog? Let me help you to do so in which I’ll also connect it to your blog for you. Whether its a .com domain or any other extension like .org, .biz and Co.
  • Blogger to WordPress Migration: If you have a blog currently on the blogger platform and would like to move it to WordPress, i can help you do so without hassle.
  • Professional Website: Want to have your professional website like e-COMMERCE, SOCIAL NETWORK SITE, REAL ESTATE WEBSITE, COMPANY SITE, PORTFORLIO, and etc, you can be rest assured, am going to get that done for you!
    • Social Media e-Covers: Apart from your profile picture, e-covers are the next visual element that grab visitor’s attention. If you need a nice great looking cover for your social media profiles, you can contact me to get it done for you.
  • Chatbot Messenger: Do you have a facebook page for your business and you would like it to reply to users 24/7 and tell them more about your business? I can setup a chatbot messenger for you which would do that and lots more. You can check NetSocialBlog Facebook Messenger Chatbot for a sample
  • Whiteboard Animation: If you would like to introduce your business or products to people in Visual Format. You’ll find below on this page a sample of a Whiteboard Animation. If you find it awesome, we can talk about getting one for you


Tunde Sanusi (Tuham) Web Services In Summary

A web designer who can provide professional design for your site.

 I can help you come up with a website design which looks amazing, professional and at the same time responsive across all your audience devices.

    It could be a blog for you to share your voice with the world, a website to represent your business, an online portfolio to showcase your skills, and etc..


For brands, business owners, and individuals.

Whether you represent a brand, have a small or big business, or perhaps an Individual, i can setup an online presence via a professional blog or website for you.

You can also request for a quote as regards advertising your business/products using sponsored post, text ad, image ads and etc. Example of such ads is the Azuz Zenbook Amazing Gadget

Premium Support.

With over 8 years of using the Internet and 6 years of bloggingm, you can request to have a one-on-one  premium chat with me on certain things you might be having trouble with.

It could be about technical issue with your blog, awareness strategy for your website, SEO, and etc.

I can help you setup an e-commerce website.

Would you like to have an e-commerce website whereby people can make purchase for your products online and pay for it using their Debit cards/Wire Transfer?

   I can get that done for you too in which i will also setup a payment gateway that allow both local and international payments!