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TuhamWorld CC

How web project are brought from ideas to reality


01. Intro

The journey of having your dream website begin with this step. In the INTRO SESSION, i will be asking questions as regards why you need a website and ANY other information that will help us get started.

02. Website Map

After getting enough information as mentioned from the Intro phase, a skeleton sitemap of the pages for your website will be generated - this will give you an insights of all the necessary pages to be built for your project.

03. The Web-Creation Part

This is where the project gets interesting and your project idea begin to Metamorphize to reality. I'll be using the combo of my XP, skills and leveraging the resources/tools within my disposal to develop and design your project.

04. Rounding-off & Submission

At this final stage, your project is done, ready to be launched and available to the public. During this period, your website will be tested for final review and then deployed to your host live server so you can showcase it to your audience.


In the Getting Started Section of this website, i mentioned why having goals for your website is very important.

    When you know the reason you’re having a website, it will make it easier to fine-tune your web project design and functionalities to meet the demands of your goal.

A sitemap is simply a skeleton navigation of your dream website. During the consultation, you’ll be shown an example of a website sitemap.

A document will be sent to you which highlight the resources you will be providing – some of these resources include but not limited to “available graphical materials”, contents, and etc…

After the handling over of your website and other details, your website project is now your responsibility and we would not be liable to any damage that occur later whatsoever.

  However we highly recommend you subscribe to the WordPress Care Plan to ensure your site keeps running smoothly. You can contact

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