Twitter Indefinite Ban: How To Navigate Your Business Online Presence Through

Nigeria suspends twitter indefinitely.

If you own a brand and use the Twitter platform as a means of communication for your business, this article provides an alternate solution until the Twitter ban in Nigeria is lifted.

Twitter Ban : how to cope with your business

Nigeria Suspends Twitter Indefinitely : What Really Happened

The Nigerian government made the announcement of the suspension of Twitter’s operations in the Country indefinitely on the 5th of June 2021, (which according to the statement was said to be) due to “the persistent use of the platform for activities that they deem capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence” [Source].

This suspension came two days after the social media giant deleted a tweet from President Muhammad Buhari’s account for violating its rules.

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With over 39 millions of Nigeria using the social media platform, one cannot but wonder how much impact this will have on brands and business owners, making use of the platform for their official activities.

Since it is hard to predict “exactly” how soon, or how long the ban will be last, here are 5 Ways you can lessen the impact of the Twitter ban on your business.

Twitter Ban : 5 Ways To Navigate Your Business/Brand Online Presence Through

1. Consider Alternate Social Media Platform in the Meantime

As a business owner, It is not advisable to put all of your eggs in one basket most especially when it comes to the communication platform between you and your customers.

If your business already has another social media platform, (- say a Facebook page or Instagram) , you can use it for staying in touch with your customers in the meantime.

However, if your business has none other than Twitter, perhaps now is the best time to start creating one.

2. Rennovate the new Alternate Social media Platform

The first thing you should do after setting up a new alternate social media platform is to customize it in such a way that will make your audience get easily attuned to it.

For instance; let’s say you wanted to use Instagram as the new alternate social media platform for your account; 👇

You can use the same display picture from your twitter business profile, as well as other details such as bio, Name, and cover if necessary.

After setting up the social media platform, try to make your first few posts on the new Alternate Social Media Platform to be an Intro of your business, before diving in to Number #3 listed below.

3. Pick up, from where you stop on Twitter

Whether you are in the middle of transacting with a potential customer, about to launch a product or educating your audience before you were caught in the middle of the Twitter ban, you can also pick up the new alternate social media from where you stop on Twitter.

Delaying or putting off uncompleted tasks until the Twitter ban gets resolved could cause a setback for your business, as it will leave your customers hanging in the air.

However, if you think Twitter will be the best choice for connecting with your audience, you can still use the new alternate social media platform to stay in touch with your audience until the issue gets resolved.

4. Get a Website for your Business (If you haven’t)

Truth is – there’s nothing that can be compared to having an absolute control over your business online presence.

If you have a business and want to maintain control over your business online presence, then nothing beats having your own website.

Social Media Platform have their own rules and regulations in which if you do not abide it, your business online presence can be crippled by having your social media profile take down.

While some of these rules are within your control to abide, some are outside of your own control – such as the Twitter Ban in Nigeria.

Having your own business website means you gets to decide how you want your website aesthetics to look like, what you want to show your customers and what not to show. In one word – you are in absolute CONTROL.

5. Promote your website address

Having a website is something while letting your customers know about it is another thing. Most business owners make the mistake of promoting more of their social media platform (than their website address) on their promotional materials..

Of course, there’s nothing bad in that except for the fact that when things go wrong (such as this Twitter ban case), you’d have to start all over again – as your audience will have no clue on where else to reach you other than the banned social media page.

However, if you are consistent with promoting your website address with your customers, then it would be easier for them to reconnect with you.

If you are wondering how, and by which means you can promote your website, you can go through TuhamWorld CC article on promoting a new website launch checklist.

Bottom Line

Twitter Ban is an unexpected event and came at a time No one expected it. However, if there is the need to stay in touch with your existing and potential new customers, then you should check out this list.

This article is a list of quick resources and tips to keep your business online presence floating while the issue gets resolved.

If you have any additional comments, feel free to leave it in the comment box below or write TuhamWorld CC via [email protected].

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