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Top 10 Website Design FAQS For Non-Geek

Ever since the first website on the Internet went live on the 6th of August 1991, there have been tremendous changes in the manner web pages are created – both in terms of design and technicality. In this article, you’ll get to discover the Top 10 Website Design Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions) You Should Know.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scene before a website idea is brought into reality. This is why it is very important for both a Website Designer and the client (who needs the website) to have a mutual understanding.

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Top 10 Website Design FAQS For Non-Geek

What is Website Design?

Website design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It encompasses the creation of layout, content production, element design, etc. Simply put, it refers to the designing of the user experience aspects of a website.

Who’s a Web Designer?

A website designer works on the appearance, layout, and, in some cases, content of a website.

Who Hires a Web Designer

There’s no limit to who can hire a Web Designer; from Business Owners, Organizations, Companies, Influencers, Artists – the list is endless.
Almost everyone but not everybody needs a website to tell the world who they are as well as what they do.

What’s the Benefit of Having a Website

Having a website helps you to gain global recognition and makes it much easier for people from other parts of the world to know more about who you are, what you do, and/or your business.

What Type of Website Can I Create?

Company Website – This is the type of website that tells information about your company, your team, what your company does, contact pages, and any other necessary important information.

Community Website – This is more of like a social network website whereby users can register to interact on your website, send each other messages, share their opinions on a forum, and do more.

Portfolio Website – If you are a Graphic Designer, Artist, Painter, Technician, or Professional of any sort – You can have this type of website to showcase your talent and thus make it easier for your target audience to know about you.

eCommerce Website – This type of website allows you to sell your products – be it Clothes, Shoes, Jewelry, Phones, anything. – People can easily click on the products they like, make payments right away on your website and you deliver the products to their doorstep.

AND MORE – Some other types are skipped but these are the most common ones.

How Much Does It Cost To Have a Website

The amount that would cost you to have a website depends largely on the type of website you want as well as the features you’d love them to have.
For instance; A portfolio website might have four to five pages, a company website may have more, while an eCommerce site will have much more.

What’s the DIfference Between a Website and a Blog

Having worked with a quite handful of projects mostly comprised of websites and blogs; It is safe to say; the difference between a website and a blog is “Content Production”.
This is because blogs are frequently updated while the website tends to be much more static. Read more about Blogs vs Website Here.

How Would I Decide Between Choosing a Blog and a Website

If you ever needed a platform where you can share your thoughts with the world – on things you love doing, or love talking about; then a blog is the perfect choice for you.
However if you needed a platform where you can display information about yourself, business, company or what you do; a website is the right choice for you.

Can I Make Money From My site By Merely People Visiting the WebSite?

A website or blog is just like a platform; it’s what you do with it that determines whether you’ll earn from it or not.
For instance; if you owned a jewelry shop and you set up an eCommerce website; people can directly buy your products from your website and ship them to them.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Website

It depends on the platform you are using. For platforms like the Google BL Platform, you only pay for the domain renewal. While for Self-Hosted WordPress site, you’ll need to be paying for hosting and domain renewal.
You’ll also need to pay close attention to Self-Hosted WordPress site as with great power comes great responsibility. You can browse through the Website Care Plans to see what plans are available.

While there are other top FAQS, these are some of the top questions you might be asking yourself. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave it in the comment box below 😉

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