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[Video] – What Is WordPress Gutenberg and 5 Best Reasons To Start Using It

I was recently having a discussion with one of my client who’s a blogger about WordPress Gutenberg Editor and She was like “what is WordPress Gutenberg”?!

Although the WordPress Gutenberg Editor had around for a while merely as a plugin, it became the official WordPress Editor on WordPress v5.0 which was released on December 6, 2018.

What is WordPress Gutenberg
WordPress Gutenberg Interface

What is WordPress Gutenberg Editor

WordPress Gutenberg Editor is a new block editor which allows you to have a whole new way of writing experience apart from the previous WordPress Classic editor. The Gutenberg editor is a great new tool which allows you to write content that builds engagement.

Unlike the Classic Editor, Gutenberg comes with Blocks which makes it easier for you to insert, delete, re-arrange and style your media as well as your article with very little technical knowledge hence it. Some of the new features of the Gutenberg editor had been earlier explained at the recent TuhamWorld Gutenberg Webinar Article Here.

According to the Official Statement from the WordPress team;

“WordPress Gutenberg is a Whole New Way To Use WordPress”


WordPress Gutenberg Editor vs Classic Editor

In the future; we will be taking a look at some of the features, similarities and differences between WordPress Gutenberg and the Classic Editor. However for now, you can take a quick glance at the image below to see a preview.

WordPress Gutenberg Editor vs Classic Editor.

5 Best Reasons To Care About the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

=> WordPress Gutenberg Editor Comes With Set of New Tools for Writing

The WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor comes with some sets of tools which makes your writing less stressful and more awesome. For instance; there’s a Woocomerce tool to allow you easily insert your store products inside your article hence bringing more visibility.

=> Gutenberg Now Officially the WordPress Editor

Initially Gutenberg was released as a plugin for WordPress Users but now, it is now the Official WordPress Editor which means every new WordPress Installation as at of the time of writing this article automatically is preloaded with the Gutenberg WordPress Editor. As for the Classic WordPress Editor, it will still be available but only asa PLUGIN and support will be until 2021.

=> Making it Easier For you to Write Better!

Writing although has a lot to deal with inspiration but sometimes the tools used in writing also plays a major role. The New Block Editor allow you to effectively write without breaking a sweat simply by arranging your text, images, headings, and other media in blocks.

The Gutenberg editor has some great assets that could genuinely help people to write better texts.

Marieke van de Rakt

=> Style Multimedia Content With Very Little Technical Knowledge

With blocks, you can insert, rearrange, and style multimedia content (such as Videos and Images) with very little technical knowledge. Instead of using custom code on the Classic Editor, you can simply add a block in the WordPress Gutenberg and focus on your content.

=> Flexibility and An Entire New Editing Experience

The entire editing experience on the Gutenberg has been rebuilt for media rich pages and posts. You also get to experience the flexibility that blocks will bring, whether you are building your first site, or write code for a living.

[Video] – WordPress Gutenberg Review, DEMO and Getting Started

What is WordPress Gutenberg Video

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