Creative Website Design Course For Everyone

A beginner-friendly course with an instructor-led tutorials designed to walk you through the rudiments of web design, and building your beautiful website from scratch based on UI designs


What You'll Learn


We'll start from scratch with a brief intro of the World Wide Web (WWW), then talk about the Why and How of Building Websites.

02. Practical

Practical hands-on Session with step by step guide to walk you through building your first LIVE Web project.

03. Web Tools

Amazing web tools and technologies to aid you in your journey as a beginner into Web Design .

04. Business Needs

You'll learn the secrets of what makes a business website, a business website - via the right tools and features.


Tuham Academy

Apart from filtering the unnecessary information out, we’ve also designed awesome plans for you

Tier 1

Landing pages

Tier 2

Multipage Mastery

Tier 3

Advanced Architect


All Tiers include


The Creative Web Design course is a course designed for beginners, intermediates and experts who want to take their UI/UX skills to the next level and build stunning websites. This comprehensive training course equips you with the required web design skills you need to bring your vision to life, no matter your experience level

This course is broken down into 3 Tiers, and pricing can be found on the Web Design Course Store here

This course is for everyone regardless of their proficiency level. Beginners can opt in for the Tier 1, intermediates can opt in for Tier 2 while Tier 3 is for highly confident students

There are different definitions – varying from technical to straightforward defn. However, there’s an article on TuhamWorld CC that cover the Top Website Design FQS. We would recommend you check the article here.

The course is currently Virtual – and this gives you the opportunity to learn it from whichever part of the world you are. CWD 101 has also been broken down into sizable bits so you could learn without getting overhwhelmed 

You will access to the instructor in a closed premium group for students whereby you get to ask questions about the course.

It depends on which of the Tier plan you eventually decided to opt in for. Tier 1 graduates would be able to build any landing pages, Tier 2 graduates core focus will be on multipages website such as restaurants, businessess, etc while Tier 3 will be able to dynamic complex websites such as eCommerce websites

Have any questions, reach out via email to [email protected]

Have any other questions, feel free to send an email to hello@tuhamworld or contact on Whatsapp

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