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To ensure the best out of your project, there are certain conditions I require.

Target Goals

Having a target goal of what you want to achieve with your website will make it easier to track your business success.
It could be to gain visibility on the internet for your business, to increase email subscribers, making purchases for eCommerce, etc


Working on a project requires time and an undivided attention so we can be able to work on the project more smoothly as well as track progress.
If you know you won't be able to have time - you can have someone (capable and trusted) to stand for you.


The truth is; you're going to need to invest cash if you really want an outstanding outcome from your project.
You don't necessarily need to break the bank but if you consider your project as an investment, then you should be prepared to have a nice budget.


The benefits of having a team is to make the work faster. This will enable us to work much more faster in the case of preparing documents, reviewing your business, auditing, and some other miscellaneous task. - If you don't have a team yet, then things might get a little bit delayed.


Whether you are planning to have a website for your business or for yourself, you should already have an audience or be ready to build one.
If you already have an audience, we'd work out strategy on how to connect them with your website project - and if you don't, we'll talk about how to build one.


If you are planning to work together with me, i'd need you to be honest when i ask for certain questions and stats - so i can work them out on our project.
I know the internet is full of horror stories but you can trust me enough that i'll do my best for you too.

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