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WordPress Website Care Plans

Just as your business needs your attention and care; so does your website..

Why Do you need a WordPress Website Care Plans?

01. Peace of Mind

It can take as long as many months or even years before building your website to your taste but all that can be gone within a twinkle of an eyes - if your website did not have any protection "whatsoever".
Having a website care plan in place prevent that from happening to your website

02. Stay on Edge

Things don't remain static online or in business for very long. If you don't want your website left behind, it is best to continually update your WordPress core components - plugins, themes, etc. This major updates usually comes with new features to improve your website.

03. Expertise

Instead of having to take the next 72hours trying to figure out which part of your website is broken or having sleepless nights wondering what next might happen to your website, you would be having an Expert monitoring your site's uptime WHILE you focus on building your business.

04. Growth

20 years ago, you COULD set up your website and forget it - i mean those ugly 4 pages website without considering UI and UX but NOT today. The web changes like the speed of light and there's only one way to know if your website is growing - Reports and Audits.


.. Can't I Do It Myself?


Running a business already has its own heavy responsibilities which are almost never-ending. The "additional" burden of trying to DIY your website would only drive you from the most important GOALS - which are building relationship with your customers, staffs, partners - and prolly family.


Technology is fast evolving and some components in your website can be tricky. A wrong button on your website can have an huge negative impact on your site - thus leading you to damaging more than you intend to saving.
An expert understand your website Tech -more better

Did you know?

In 2015, Google lost its $12 domain name to an Invididual for a minute. And it took Google $12,000 to get the domain name back

What's in the WordPress WeBsite Care Plans or You?

01. Backups

Backups protect your website investment just incase of an hacker attack or one of your staff went rogue.

02. Domain SECURITY

Domain management is your first line of defense and the first step to grow your brand online presence.

03. Software Updates

To keep up with the evolution and trend of technology, your website will be ensured to run on the latest version of its core software.

04. Consultation

You'll have access to Monthly Consultation which includes a Digital Strategy on how to grow your website online presence and maximise the potential of your website.

05. Plugin and theme updates

You never have to worry about any updates from your website - be it the software, pulgins, themes, etc.

06. Support & Security

You never have to worry about technical difficulties again - as you now have an Expert nearby.

Choose Your Plan

no startup fees. no long-term contract. cancel anytime


Essential for every website

  • 24x7 Uptime monitoring
  • Domain Management
  • Security monitoring
  • Website backup
  • Plugin/Theme Updates
  • Domain, Hosting Reminders
  • Technical Support (Email)


For fast growing websites and blogs

  • 24x7 Uptime monitoring
  • Domain Management
  • Security monitoring
  • 2x Website backups
  • Plugin/Theme Updates
  • Domain, Hosting Reminders
  • Support (Email and Chat)
  • Malware Scans
  • Search for Broken Links
  • Fix Google Search Errors


For large and complex websites

  • 24x7 Uptime monitoring
  • Domain Management
  • Security monitoring
  • 4x Website backups
  • Plugin/Theme Updates
  • Domain, Hosting Reminders
  • Support (Email, Chat & Phone)
  • Malware Scans
  • Search for Broken Links
  • Fix Google Search Errors
  • 15 min Digital Strategy Session


Backups are very important and having an up-to-date one can be a life-saver in the case of unexpected circumstances. As a matter of fact – having a regular backups is consider to be a protection of your website “investment” – in case a plugin update take your website down, one of your staff went rogue, or an unexpected issh.

WordPress is a powerful CMS  software that is frequently being updated by developers to support additional features and functions. However if your theme or plugin does not support the newer updates, it could break your site.  With the Care PLAN in place, your core software as well as all your plugins and themes will be ensured to running the latest version.

  Additionally, your website will be reviewed before and after every update to make sure everything’s fine.

Perhaps maybe you’re trying to write an article on your website and your post editor stopped working. Or maybe you found out an unnecessary code in the frontend/backend of your website – whatever issue you are facing, you do not need to worry as the Technical Support will handle that.

Uptime simply means the time that which your website is up and running while Downtime means when your website is down. It is very important your website stays up 24/7 and the only way to do that is by monitoring your website uptime.

 An Uptime monitoring tool will be connected to your site upon selection of any Care Plan in order to be alert in case anything goes wrong.

At the end of the month, a report would be sent to you based on what have been done so far so you can be able to know how well your website is performing – or has performed.

 If you are on the Super Plan, further recommendations would be given known as Digital Strategy.

Small task changes are done for FREE when you subscribe to the monthly plan. Small task includes “publishing a content you have already written, changing text or image on a page, or making minor content changes. Certain number of small tasks are allocated to plans and – a bigger task outside this scope will require another negotiation.

If you’re planning to host multiple website in the CARE PLAN, a 15% discount will be given to you.

While this CARE Plan is majorly for website built by TuhamWorld CC, you can contact first to be check your website spec and see if it can be accepted into the CARE Plans.

With almost a decade of working on several web projects, contributing on top platforms and featured alongside reputable brands, you can be rest assured your Trust is safe here. You can also take a glimpse of the Portfolio and Testimonials section here.

Over 600,000 websites are hacked in a day and this does not leave small and giant websites behind – including Facebook (over 160,000 facebook accounts said to be compromised in a 2019 reports).

  However it is better to be secured than NOT at all – and this is what the Website Care Plan offers. The Care Plan offers protection thus leaving you at lower chances of being hacked.