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5 Quick Ways To Promote A New Website Launch

Now that your website is up and running, the next step is to show off your website to your customers (in the case of a business website) or to your audience (if your website is for a brand). Wondering where to start in promoting your new website? Here are 5 Quick Ways to Promote a new website launch.

how to promote a new website launch -

Quite most of the time, most business owners and web designers focus way too much on how to build a website and have the website running up but once the website is up, then everything would go silent.

And I was guilty of this too – at least before now

Am not saying you should not have an amazing plan for building a gorgeous responsive website but at the same time, there should be an after-launch plan since you’re building the website to reach your audience, not for yourself.

Otherwise, without promotion, you would have one of the best websites NO-ONE ever heard of.

The question then is; How do you promote your new website launch? Continue reading..

5 Quick Ways To Promote Your New Website Launch

There are over 27 ways to promote your website and while they all help you to achieve your desire outcome, it can be a little bit overwhelming for you to know where to start. For instance; the advanced SEO tactics would take an expert and a bit of time before you can start seeing results.

However, these quick methods you’re about to read below would guarantee your results almost immediately.

Ready, now let’s start!

1. Social Media Profiles: Include your Website URL

If you already have a social media profile for businesses such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, you can add your website link to your social media profile. Showing off your website link in your social media profile would be quite helpful for the NEW CUSTOMER” who is checking your social media profile to discover your website.

You can also have your website URL included in your background cover photo for all of your social media profiles. Here’s an example of a cover photo with a website link below.

NetSocialBlog Cover photo

2. Word of Mouth Marketing

One quick way you can also start promoting your website is through word of mouth marketing. For instance; if you have a website that is into Real Estate, you can have a blog section that educates people on what Real Estate is, how they can begin, minimum amount, and etc.

So let’s say; If Mr. A knows you’re into real estate and asks you a question, you can refer the person to the blog section of your website to know more about the question. If another person (say Mr. B) should ask Mr. A the same question, he would refer the new person to your website to get answers to their questions. And that’s how your website reputation would begin to grow through Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)

One of the greater advantages of WOMM according to a reliable source is; 92% of people would trust recommendations from friends and family.

3. Basic SEO Essentials: Basic Search Engine Optimization for your Website

Search Engine Optimization in a layman language is simply optimizing your website for search engines. Although SEO is a big concept the minimum you could do is the basic SEO essentials for your website.

These basic SEO settings can be done by your website designer (during the course of building your website) thus making it easier for Google, Bing, and other Search Engines to understand what your website and business are all about. Additionally; this will help when sharing snippets to your social media.

4. Share Website LINK on Social Media

Sharing your website LINK on your social media profiles is like making the announcement of your website to your existing customer base. You can make the announcement in form of Graphical elements – an image banner for instance or share it alongside a text.

You can as well as encourage your customer to share with friends on their social lists.

share website link on social media

5. Have it engrave in your business cards, Office and Advertising materials

If your business card only has your social media profiles, now is the high time to include your design your Website LINK to it after the website launch. For more visibility, you can also place an Advertising banner at strategic places in your office announcing the launch of your website.

To spice things up, offer a discount for the first 10 people who sign up to your mailing list from your website or those who order products (if your website is an eCommerce site)

From the Author’s Desk

You can begin one step at a time. Once you’ve gotten the better hang of it, your website will begin to gain momentum and awareness such that you’ll only need to promote it once in a while.

Got any additional tips to share, or you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below

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