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What’s a Website Really About?

If you’ve been wondering what a website is and how they works – On this article; you’ll find the simple definition of website. Also you’ll get to read the simple definition of a responsive website – that is; what it means for a website to be responsible.

Simple definition of a website
Simple definition of a website

Simple Definition of a Website

In simple definition; a Website is simply a series of several pages on the Internet which contains information, documents, files and could be accessed by its Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Example of a popular website is – Facebook in which it can be accessed by its URL –

Simple Definition of a Responsive Website

Now that you’ve known what a website is; you might also be curious to find out what really a responsive website is? A responsive website is simply a website that is adaptable to different devices be it – phones, tablets or PC.

Types and List of Websites

Get introduced and familiar with different types of website that exists on the World Wide Web.

  • eCommerce – This are the type of websites that are developed majorly for selling products. Jumia is a typical example of a Nigerian eCommerce store selling all sorts of products – Fashion, electronics, Gadgets, Accessories, and etc. Also, on eCommerce website; people get to make payment of the goods they buy and can have it shipped to their home address.
  • Forum – This type of website are purely for discussion and conversation. Nairaland for instance is a Nigeria forum website whereby Nigerians get to discuss on topics of their interest – education, family, cars, career, Travel, Gaming, and all sorts. For Forums; it usually have lots of moderators and several web pages which are interlinked.
  • Portfolio/Personal Website – Portfolio website are used to display a list of your projects – so people can get to know more about you, what you do and your past projects that which you’ve done. You can term TuhamWorld CC as a case study of a portfolio or personal website. For Portfolio website; an active means of conversation is very important so people who liked your projects can find it easier to contact you.
  • Social Networking Site – Social Networking site are simply websites that allows you to interact and have conversations as well as make conversations with people from different part of the world. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are great examples of Social Networking sites. On these platform; you solely use them to interact with people in the same field or people sharing same opinion with you.
  • Corporate, Companies and Brand Website – This falls under Portfolio/Personal Website too but the difference is – they are very official and formal. Brand website like that of a Public Figure – say Simi, or Companies like Dangote Website are quite more formal and have little to no space for informal information.

In Conclusion

From this article; you must have finally understood what websites are and different types of websites that exist.

If you had any questions; feel free to leave a comment and i’ll respond ASAP.

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