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Website Design Checklist for Clients (Apart from Budget)

Starting a website can be pretty fun and exciting for both a web designer and the client. However, there’s more to building a website than just coding or creating a page on the internet. While there are several factors to be considered by both the web designer and the clients, we’ll be taking a look at the top 6 important website design checklist for clients.

website design checklist for clients

What is a Website Design Checklist

A Website Design checklist are simply a list of items required, things to be done or points to be considered, often used as a reminder in the process of building a website. Having a website design checklist helps both the web designer and the clients to stay on track and be able to mark the things that have been done, or the one that hasn’t yet been done.

Apart from the list of things to be done, a web design checklist can also be the list of items required such as domain name and hosting for your dream website.

6 Important Website Design Checklist for Clients

Now that you have already known what a website design checklist is; you might be wondering if it is really important to have one.

Of courseeeeeee, it is!

A Website Design Checklist is not only useful to you as a Client but also to a Web Designer which will help him in making a choice for building your website. While there are some checklist a Web Designer need to have (which might probably be discussed in the later future), here are the top 6 important web design checklist for clients.

1. Goals: What do you want to Achieve from your Website?


There is a popular saying from Habit #2 in Steven Covey’s book that says; to begin with, the end in mind. Having an end goal for your website will help you in deciding the layout, the typo, colors, elements, and any other components necessary to be installed on your website.

For clients who’d like a new website, The first question you would want to ask yourself is; why do you want to have a website?

It could be to grow your email list, to showcase the time/schedule of your gym business, to share your product pricing, to inform your customers about your services, to build an online presence, etc.. – just ensure you have a goal in mind.

For new customers, TuhamWorld CC has prepared a form so as to better help them in setting up a goal for their new website project. If you would like to have a website project for your business, you can send a message here and the form will be sent to you.

2. Budget

Having a budget is extremely important and you would have to be careful around this area as it can be a little bit tricky. This doesn’t really mean you having to break the bank all because you want to build a website for your business – but you should have a decent budget IF you consider the website as an investment for your business.

While there is no fixed price for the amount needed to build a website (as several factors need to be considered), you should get in touch with a web designer to know how much your web project will cost you. However, what will largely determine the amount for your project is the TYPE OF WEBSITE you want to build.

For instance; the cost of building a 5 pages business website will be LESS compared to the cost of building an eCommerce website whereby customers can buy products directly on the website. If you want to tick the budget aspect of the website design checklist for clients, you’d need to first consider the website features.

Do also bear in mind that having little budget could also influence the resources which will be used to build the website.

3. Time

Running a business can be very demanding as you have to ensure everything is working smoothly. Fortunately; having a website can reduce your workload by being a source of knowledgebase for new customers who want to know more about what you offer – or automating the process involved in buying and selling instead of you having to do it manually in the case of an eCommerce website.


When it comes to building a website, the time factor is very important in the website design checklist for clients. The earlier the web designer get the answers, the faster your web design project will be ready.

In some cases whereby you might not have enough time, you can have someone stand-in for you whom you know will be able to represent you very well. The person standing for you should also be someone who understands your project very well.

NOTE: Time is very important – and in some situations whereby the project is calculated based on hourly, the more time you waste, the higher bills you get to pay.

4. Graphical Elements Available: LOgos, Images and Videos Available

For some business that has been operating for a very long time – most especially if you have been running your business on Social Media, you might also want to gather the list of available Visual Elements to use in your website in order to mark the visual aspect of the website design checklist for clients.

These visual elements include – images of your office, team, products, services and if possible, videos included. Since humans are easily drawn to visual elements than text, having nice high-quality visual elements available will save time and resources to get a new one.

However, if you do not have any high-quality images/videos, you can still get one by purchasing stock photos and videos from websites like For logo assets, a new Logo can be created by a professional graphic designer if you do not have a logo, – or maybe your former logo is a little bit outdated.

5. CONTENTS : What Information do you want to show?

Your website is meant to educate your customers/audience about whom you are, what you do and how best they can contact you. In order to achieve this, your website nees to have a minimum solid About Page, Contact page, Homepage and other necessary pages.

This information can be written by yourself, or you can hire a copywriter or perhaps tell one of your employeer (e.g secretary) to draft the necessary information.

Additional information that you would want your site visitors to know is the Schedule, Business opening hours, pricing, and etcetera.

NOTE: You have to consciously remind yourself (as the client who needs a website) that you’re building the website not for yourself but for your customer/audience – hence your information should be tailored in such a way that your customer will know it’s for them.

6. Audience: Who are you Building your Website For?


In a previous post on 5 Quick Ways to Promote Your Website Launch, it was mentioned how it is very important to have an Audience base. If you already have a Social Media profiles which you’re using to interact with your customers before, it will be much easier for you to refer them to your new business website by making an announcement on your social media pages.

Additionally; if majority of your audience or customer are located offline, you can introduce your website to them by including your website link in your business cards or having it printed on your product pakaging materials.

However, if you do NOT have an Audience base, then you should be ready to work hard and build one through SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, offline advertising, WOM, blogging, etc.

From the Author’s Desk

Starting a website design project can be rewarding but has its own demands. While there are other checklists for web designers too, as well as some for clients, these top 6 website design checklist for clients that will make the journey of having a website for your business more awesome.

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