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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design is simply the process of creating websites. It encompasses different aspects which includes layout, content production, elements design and etc.

There’s no limit to who can hire a Web Designer; from Business men, Organizations, Companies, Reputable Individuals, Celebrities, Artist – the list is endless. This is because as we are in the Information Age; almost everyone needs a website to tell the world who they are as well as what they do.

The internet is like a global village which has made communication and connection to other parts of the world easier. Having a website helps you to gain global recognition and makes it much easier for people from other parts of the world to know more about your company and business

For instance; if someone wanted to know what i do and how they can contact me; all they have to do is go to which is my official website and they willl have all of the information they wish to have

Company Website – This is the type of website that tells information about your company, your team, what your company does, contact pages, and anything else

Community Website – This is more of like a social network website whereby users can register to interact on your website, send each other messages, share their opinions on a forum, and etc.

Portfolio Website – If you are a Graphic Designer, Artist, Painter, Technician, Celebrity, Professional, etc – You can have this type of website to share awareness and easily let people know about you

eCommerce Website – This type of website allows you to sell your products – be it Clothes, Shoes, Jewelry, Phones, anything. – People can easily click on the products they like, and make payments right away on your website.

AND MORE – The list is endless..

There is no specific straight forward answer to this. Reason being because everyone cannot have the same website. A portfolio website might be okay with four to five pages, a company website will have more, while an eCommerce will have much more, and etcetera.

The amount that would cost you to have a website depends largely on the type of website you want as well as the features you’d love them to have.

Having worked with a quite handful of projects mostly comprises of websites and blogs; i can rightly tell you the difference between a website and a blog is “Content Production”. This is because blogs are frequently updated while website tends to be much more static.

An example of a blog is while example of a website is 

If you ever needed a platform where you can share your thoughts with the world – on things you love doing, or love talking about; then a blog is the perfect choice for you. A Blog is like an online journal which allows you to easily share your passion with the world.

However if you needed a platform where you can display information about yourself, business, company or what you do; a website is the right choice for you. With a website; you can even showcase your previous projects to convince people about your expertise.

A website or blog is just like a medium; its what you do with it that determines whether you’ll earn from it.  For instance; if you owned a jewelry shop and you setup an eCommerce website; people can directly buy your products from the website and you ship it to them.

As for a Blog; if you share useful contents that teaches people something or solves their problem, you can garner a lot of traffic and monetize your blog with Google Adsense. Even if Adsense did not approve you, as long as you have an audience for your blog, you can still monetize your blog via this 5 Successful Ways

It depends on the platform you are using. If you’re thinking of owing a blog and have a low budget; i’ll suggest you start with Google Blogger Platform. Once it had been setup; you only need to renew your custom domain name ONCE in a year; every other thing else will be taken care of by Google.

However if you want to own a powerful website or blog; you should use Self-Hosted WordPress. This platform gives you power to turn your website or blog into anything you dare to imagine. Although it is more technical and a little bit expensive to maintain

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Having a Website gives you the opportunity to showcase what you do to thousands of people without having to stress yourself telling them one by one.

  With a Weebsite; you can easily share your passion with the world, have a Customers base, Increased Sales, Business Credibility and lots more


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