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Blogging 101 Course Crash

In this course crash, you’ll be able to quickly learn what blogging is all about, the technical jargon,  will be sharing the true beautiful art of blogging for aspiring and existing bloggers. You’ll get to learn what blogging is all about, how you can get started + Frequently Asked Questions

Who's Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)

Tunde Sanusi nick-known on the web as Tuham is a Nigerian Award Winning Blogger, Storyteller, Web Designer, and Internet Scientist.

    Professionally; when he’s not writing articles on blogs, he’s building or managing clients websites.

What's Blogging all about?

You’ll get to learn the art of blogging, what blogging is all about and how you can get started. 

This will enable you to have a deeper insights about how blogging works as well as how you can take advantage of it too 🙂


Perhaps you’re not interested in having your own blog but you wanted to know how Blogging works?

At the end of the webinar; there will be a FAQS section whereby answers will be provided to puzzling questions about Blogging. Then, , participants can ask their own questions too

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