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George’s Pieces of Me By Tomi Adesina + MeetUp

After reading George’s Pieces of Me[GPOM] written by Tomi Adesina, I decided to do a review on this blog about the Book and not just any review, an honest review.
But before talking about GPOM, let me share a few details about how I got to know the author and the book.

How I Got To Know About Tomi Adesina

I was surfing the web one fateful day and stumbled upon a piece about Tomi Adesina and a short story written by her titled “dear future husband”. I don’t know how but something triggers my curiosity and I decided to read the story.
Before I knew what was happening at that moment, I found myself staring at the dear future husband short story official page and decided to take a read later. I was about to bookmark the page when something caught my attention and that was “Click here to download the Story eBook”.

I gave it no second thought before clicking the button and boom! I had the story on my device in PDF format

When I finally got the chance to read the book from the beginning till end, i couldn’t help but long for more work from the person who wrote the dear future husband story. That was how I got obsessed about her stories and opt for more of her works which are; Fola King, Clandestine, All Fun and Games and Beautiful Stranger [see all of those stories here].
All those stories got me WOW and when i check out the author out on twitter, I discovered she launched a book titled “George’s Pieces of Me [GPOM]”. At that moment, I said to myself

“Tunde, am not sure how long it will be or how soon but I MUST get a copy of GPOM”

Fortunately, not quite long after i saw the book, Tomi announced on her twitter timeline about GPOM Book Meet up & Signing at Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.


George’s Pieces of Me Meet up Event

Here is a shot with the Author below;)

All I can I say in one word is; the event was great and fun.

I mean to hear the story, efforts, and how it feels to be a writer from someone like me is really soothing.

She also talked about how writing has been a great part of her, the inspiration for coming up with the book, and did I also mentioned that people were able to ask questions either about the author or the book too?

You can check all of GPOM Meetup in Pictures here

George’s Pieces of Me HONEST Review

Whenever you want to read the book, I would strongly advise you’re not distracted to enjoy the real beauty of the book. Here’s why

After gotten the book, I couldn’t read it on that day [arrived Ibadan late at night from the event] and the day after.  And when I eventually read the book , it was so amazing and interesting. The book is a collection of deep short stories which you’re going to likely identify some happenings in the book as what you’re currently going through or what you’ve gone through..

It talk about life’s mystery, misery, falling, rising, loving someone, losing the one you loved [some temporary, while some forever], gaining them back, and how it feels to live without your loved ones. I recommend the book for book-lovers to have in their shelves.

For more info about the book & to get it, visit
Twitter – @tomi_adesina
Webblog –

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